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Meeting like-minded people

At the beginning of January, I started a meetup group on to find like minded women who want to challenge themselves and find their passion and life’s purpose.  I know I’ve said it before but I’d really love to not be doing this first Tanzanian trip alone and to actually find a travelling companion.  Excited as I am, that bit is scary for me at this stage and that’s why I started the group, hoping to find other like minded women where we could support each other.  The group reached it’s maximum of 50 members (that’s the limit before charge me more money) within a couple of days but as always that’s really not representative of the genuine interest.  I’ve definitely found a few ladies so far who are really motivated which is fantastic although no-one so far to join me on my trip.  It’s been worth it though just to meet those women.  However, engaging the majority of the group is a challenge.  I think most people want their lives to change, to follow their heart and their dreams but not that many are ready to take responsibility for making it happen and to step out.  It’s a shame because I know I can support anyone ready to take that step (having quit my job 10 years ago and started my own business).  I know how scary it is and what pitfalls there are but also how, if you do it, then things really start to happen and life gets exciting.  Anyway, this site was born out of the plan for that meetup group and I’m just moving the whole thing over to here now.  I’m always looking for serious, motivated, entrepreneurial women to meet on or offline, I know you’re out there and if that’s you just post your project to the site and make yourself known, I’ll be really happy to know you!

I met a lovely lady last week just starting out on a similar group building project.  Her group is part of the “Lean In” project which started in the US and she is now running it for men and women alike in the Hampshire/Sussex/Surrey area. You’ll see her project posted here:  lean-in-south-coast.  Anyway, we’ve joined forces to support each other to grow independent groups specialising in our own specific areas of expertise and interest but then coming together for events and larger gatherings.  This is something really good that’s so far come out of my group.  Funny what causes people’s paths to cross but like minded people do gradually come together and meeting people like that spurs me on even more.  I think it often happens that way that something you do to try and reach a lot of people will end up yielding just 1 or 2 special ones that are so worth it!  So far I’ve definitely found more than 1 through meetup which is very exciting so let’s see how far this will go.

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