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Drinking water, food, language and the heat!

I’m sure these trips can be quite addictive but when the next bill comes in it makes you recoil a little.  I’ve just booked my flights for the trip and £620 later I’m feeling a little cleaned out.  It does also feel amazing though that the flights are now booked and I’m another step closer to going.  I just wish it was around the corner and not still 6 months away.

I’m now starting to look in to the practicalities and concerns of going to Dar Es Salaam.  Things like what happens about drinking water, how will I cope with the heat, what if I can’t understand any language or accents, will I be able to function on 2 meals of a maize based dish each day!  Of course, I think as with most places, it’s nowhere near as primitive as we often envisage when we’ve lived in the UK all our lives and never been out in to the cultural depths of a developing country. Yes, I will be fed 2 maize based meals a day but from what I keep reading, it’s not like that is all I’ll have access to, that’s just what will be available on the project and what I’ll be entitled to during the time I’m working on site.  You can purchase additional food in the villages which you then take home and eat.  With regards to water, bottled water is apparently available to buy throughout the country and worst case, you can always boil the tap water and drink that although I need to remember never to drink it un-boiled, not even to clean my teeth in it as the tap water has been found to have e-coli.

My friend has told me that most people speak English and the children will probably have a reasonable grasp of it, and if not then we’ll just have to get by on sign language.  I’m terrible with accents though so I’ll have to listen hard.  This one is probably my biggest concern now. Maybe I can find some native Tanzanian accents on YouTube and get used to them.

With regards to the heat, I was away last summer with the local church youth group on camp and it was absolutely amazing weather and we were toastie and warm.  I loved it and never wanted the summer to end.  It’s what made the whole camp absolutely fantastic. I’ve just looked up the temperature for that time last year in the town where we were staying and apparently it was 30 degrees at the highest point of the week.  If that was the case then, no worries, I’ll absolutely love the warmth of Tanzania!

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