If you’re personal profile closely resembles the following, you are the perfect person to come along with us on this journey:

“Mum in 40’s ready to start following your own dreams a bit more, having spent years dedicated to the children and work. Probably in a very sedentary job, out of shape physically and needing to start looking after own health and fitness. Wondering why you didn’t travel before having children or why you never started your own business actually doing something you love which fits your timetable and life. Ready for a new challenge in 2017 with like-minded women to help, support and motivate you to follow your dreams whilst getting fit and healthy again, having laughs, amazing new experiences and awakening the enthusiasm for life you once had”

That’s what this group is about… finding a new challenge for the year ahead to work towards and achieve with the help of group members to support and motivate you.  But also finding a companion or companions who want to do the same challenge with you.  Together it’s not so scary to take that first step and it enriches the experience when we share the journey with someone on the same wavelength.

If you have a challenge that you want to achieve, whether it’s one you find on this site to join with or whether you have a different challenge to bring to the table and find a companion to accompany you, then please join us. Maybe you want to climb Kilimanjaro or cycle the length of the Great Wall of China, maybe you want to learn a language or start your own business.  We will learn and have fun together by sharing each others experiences, meeting up once a month as a group or maybe more as individuals completing challenges together.  We will motivate each other and just support each other so we are not doing challenges alone.

If this is you, join us.  Are you ready for a new challenge and life direction?  Think of the new skills and experiences you will gain. Where will they take you?